For those who were not there

September 19 and 20, 2012 in Lyon, France.

For those who were not there

Postby colancto » 25 October 2012, 12:27

The CAPE-OPEN 2012 Annual Meeting was held on two days mid-September 2012 in Lyon, France.

Especially for those who had not the opportunity to attend the meeting, please note that most of what was presented is now available. Don't hesitate to ask for additional details to the presenters.

You will see a number of important announcements like PetroSim (KBC Advanced Technologies) and PRO/II (Invensys) supporting both a socket for Thermo 1.1 components. Also an interesting demo on implementation of PetroFrac interfaces. Additionally it was for example finally possible to have a look at the DESULFO+ components by IFPEN and TOTAL. Believe me that it required a lot of persuasion to get this one as a presentation and it was worth it.

Even if some Annual Meetings were slightly more attended, I have the impression that it was a good meeting with lot of interactions between participants. It showed further progress in implementations of CAPE-OPEN interfaces as well as in the design of CAPE-OPEN interfaces (expect soon a number of Errata and Clarifications documents to help you further implementing correctly the CAPE-OPEN interfaces). In that respect the face-to-face Thermo SIG meeting was very productive on Sep 20 afternoon.
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